In the beautiful Kalahari town, Upington, situated in the Northern Cape Province, Oasis Skills Development Centre stands proudly. Oasis Centre in Upington is a haven for children and older persons with physical and mental disabilities (some may call them disabled).

At Oasis disabled learners acquire valuable life skills, literacy and numeracy skills for those still of school-going age. Older persons can learn practical skills to assist them in every day life and, hopefully equip them with skills from which they can perhaps one day provide an income for themselves.

Although there always exists a need for funding to continue the work we have been doing since 1999, we consider ourselves as a success story in responding to the diverse needs of a most vulnerable group within our community and the surrounding area.

Have a look at our site and decide for yourself if you would like to come and visit us when you are in the area. We welcome any assistance and/ donations towards helping these children and older persons to find acceptance in the broader community and their special place in the sun!