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Objectives and Challenges

Oasis aims to register as a Special School/Resource Centre with the Dept. of Education for learners with special educational needs and of school going age. The Centre intends to focus on teaching School Readiness Programmes and offering Therapeutic Services. Read more.....




People with multiple disabilities face a number of challenges when it comes to self actualisation and self development. Services to enhance such capacity of the beneficiaries of Oasis is currently rendered from a wooden structure without windows. Our current challenge is to establish a multi purpose hall to enhance the development of the beneficiaries of Oasis Skills Development Centre. Read more......

Services to enhance such capacity of the beneficiaries at Oasis have been rendered from wooden structures for the past 6 and a half years. The organization has managed to secure funds from Dept. Social Services & Population Development, The Premier of the Northern Cape, The Japanese Embassy as well as its own funds to construct a Multi-purpose Hall and Classrooms. However, these funds are not enough to complete the hall, renovate existing dilapidated structures, to employ and remunerate the staff, for monthly running costs, equipment and for specialized services such as a full time Social Worker, Nursing Sister, Speech, Occupational and Physio Therapists as well as to implement new programmes.