A range of projects have been developed at Oasis over the past years including Adopt-A-Learner, bakery, needlework, hydroponics, paving as well as bead work and other hand crafts.


The Adopt-a-Learner Project gives the public (local and international) an opportunity to financially assist the poorest kids at Oasis. The parents of some learners cannot afford to pay a basic fee per month. By adopting a kid you can support these learners. Funds obtained are also used to buy essential equipment for Oasis Centre and pay for specialized services like physiotherapy, speech and other therapeutic services.

In return Oasis will supply you with information on the learner you adopted (age, sex, birthday) together with a photo as well as a bi-annual progress report every June and November. If you want to adopt a learner please contact us at telephone or fax: 27- 54- 339 1139 during office hours or e mail us.

Oasis is a registered a Day Care Centre and a Non-Profit Organisation with NPO number: 019-513-NPO, 29 May 2002.

We currently receive support from Cla-Val, a Swiss company, who adopted 30 learners.


A bakery is being run by Oasis in conjunction with the Siyabonga Bread Oven Project, who provided some of the equipment and training for the bakery personnel. A total of 10 persons were trained to date.

The Bakery does not only generate an income for the Centre, but also supply the kitchen at Oasis as well as another primary school with bread as part of the school feeding programme. Orders for birthday cakes, tarts, pies, biscuits as well as bread and platters are handled by them. Thanks to funding received from FoodBev SETA (on request from Clover Mama Afrika), the bakery could be upgraded to receive a health and fitness certificate.


The needlework project started off with only two participants who made curtains, table cloths and clothes to be used in plays presented for fundraising purposes.

Since the involvement of Clover Mama Afrika, at least 8 persons received training in sewing various articles and in quilting. Clover Mama Afrika provided machines and also most of the material. The team completed specific orders like traditional Herero clothes and also completed other large orders on short notice. They made 7 000 red bandanas for the Mama Clover Afrika project and 300 denim carry bags for the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Department of Public Works.

The team was also trained to do various quilts. The ranges include Baby quilts, Scrappy quilts, Log Cabin, 5 Scrap Block, Trip around the World, Mary's Triangles, Large Block, Streaks of Flowers, Creatures of Colours, Rainbow Bars, Beer Box, Jelly Roll and Christmas Quilts. Members of the quilt team have made quilts for both locals and clients as far as Namibia.


The Department of Agriculture and the ABSA Foundation assisted to establish a job creation project called Floriculture (the growing of Amyrillis bulbs). Funding for this project was redirected towards the Hydroponics project after it was found that the proposed project was too specialized, labour and cost intensive for disabled persons.

The hydroponics project has produced tomatoes, green peppers, spinach and sweet basil. Some of the produce is used at the centre as food for the learners and personnel and the remainder is sold.The Hydroponics project also received financial support from ABSA foundation as well as technical support from the Department of Agriculture.


The Paving project allows learners to make a range of products with cement which are used at Oasis as well as being sold to the public. Products include paving blocks, pots, garden chair and tables as well as dwarfs and dolphins. This project was started with funding received from the ABSA foundation. Equipment, moulds and materials were obtained and learners were trained to make pots and garden chairs.

Bead Work and other Hand Crafts

Learners produce a variety of bead work articles including jewellery pieces, pins and ribbons for HIV, Breast Cancer, the South African Flag and Quiver Trees. Embroidery with beads are done on denim and other material carry bags and hand clutches.The bead work and craft team is also responsible for other hand craft articles. Although most people like the finished articles, it is difficult to sell. Potential buyers do not appreciate the amount of time going into producing the articles.