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  What we do

At Oasis we provide assistance, support and guidance to persons with multiple disabilities. Our vocational centre/school in Upington aims to impart knowledge and skills to all the kids you see in the pictures on this website.



Our vision is that Oasis Centre should be a multi-purpose, one-stop centre/school, where a Social Worker, a Nursing Sister, Physiotherapist and School Psychologist should visit the centre twice a month and where the learners have access to full time specialized services such as Occupational, Speech, Swimming & Music Therapy as well as Computer literacy,  numeracy and literacy programmes.

We have a vision that our mothers, the unemployed, the aged and the disabled are engaged in skills development and income generating projects at Oasis.

We also have, as an objective, an inter-generational approach whereby older active persons in the community are included in some of the programmes offered at the centre.

At the moment we offer education & limited therapeutic services to Junior and Senior Groups as well as skills training to staff, a number of parents and unemployed persons in the community. We also have a Donkey Cart  & Adopt-A-Learner Projects.

For more information on the timetable for junior and senior groups within the school click on the link below.            Click here for information ...........